Racebent LotR: The Elves

Lord Elrond of Rivendell—Peter Mensah

Arwen Undómiel—Estella Daniels

Lord Celeborn—Daniel Dae Kim

Lady Galadriel—Indira Varma

Legolas Thranduillion—Jesse Williams

Haldir of the Galadhrim—Paolo Montalban

I’m here for all of this. ESPECIALLY Arwen.

This doesnt make any fucking sense stop it.
I know you people are obsessed with having PoC in everything but thats not the setting of the books.
For fucks sake.


first of all here is a fantastic bit from the great Wyatt Cenac as to why your argument is totally invalid!

"stop it"? "i know you people are obsessed with having poc in everything"? could you be any more… wow, whats the word im looking for… ignorant is too cliche. dense? daft? i dont know, but obviously you have never experienced a lack of representation in the media. obviously you have no clue what its like to grow up and rarely see people who look like you and are set in a positive light. i reckon youve hardly even entertained the thought, otherwise youd have a fucking lick of compassion for poc representation. you would be more open to even the idea, literally the harmless fancasting of poc for a book written by an incredibly privileged white guy in the 30’s/40’s. (not to mention racist, which- surprise! is what makes this so refreshing.)

is a socially outdated books adaptation more important than considering being inclusive to all races of actors? what, would that ruin the story? taint it for you? NO, and if it did youd just straight up be a fucking racist and not just an ignorant kid. is it more important to have white elves, white dwarves, white hobbits, white COMPLETELY NORMAL FANTASY HUMAN BEINGS than any kind of poc- for the sake of the MILLIONS of poc (most importantly, children) who see these movies? (i’m talking about the “good guys” here, don’t even get me started on how the only poc in the books were INHERENTLY EVIL.)

of course it isnt. so you stop, and consider what threatens you so much about this that you had to go and say something so fucking stupid. or just get mad and unfollow me, that works too. bottom line: if the movie adaptations had gone the route of this post and cast at least one LotR race with poc, the movies would have tenfolded the cultural relevance and significance of the story in comparison to those precious books. oh yeah, baby. i went there.


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